Water shortage and increasing costs along with more recent concerns about water pollution and cooling tower plumes, have greatly reduced at large scale the industry’s use of water cooled heat exchangers.

Subsequently, when further heat amalgamation within the plant is not possible, it is now common to reject heat directly to the atmosphere, and a large percentage of the process cooling in power plants, refineries, oil & gas, chemical industries, and HVAC systems takes place in Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (AC-HEs). Chemted manufacture air cooled heat exchanger in our advanced state of the art workshop.

Chemted air cooled heat exchanger’s design proficiency is not just a skill; it’s an art that shapes efficiency, performance and environmental harmony to design excellence, environmental consideration and meeting customer requirements, CHEMTED stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability.

Chemted Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Chemted Air Cooled Heat Exchanger



Design Proficiency – CHEMTED offered a wide range of air cooled heat exchanges based on different process requirements and parameters. Experts at CHEMTED have a wealth of experience of cooling applications across all industry sectors with proper design for noise control & 100% thermal efficiency.

Environmental Consideration – As cooling air media is surrounding atmosphere, hence Chemted review environmental of the site to recommend the appropriate materials for our client’s application.

Customer Requirements – CHEMTED perform a range of operating conditions. As a result, the equipment design is optimized, and we produce designs that meets the requirements of the process fluctuations & customer’s other requirements.

Design Code & Standards:

ASME Section VIII Div. 1 The cornerstone of pressure vessel design, ASME Section VIII Div. 1 reflects Chemted LLC’s dedication to engineering excellence and safety. Each heat exchanger is meticulously designed to adhere to these rigorous standards.
API Standard 661 By aligning with API 661, Chemted LLC solidifies the position as an industry leader. This standard specifically focuses on air-cooled heat exchangers, underscoring Chemted LLC’s expertise in this specialized area.
Customer Specifications Beyond industry standards, Chemted LLC takes customization to the next level by tailoring the heat exchangers to meet our customer specifications. This dedication to personalization further elevates our reputation.

Chemted Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Chemted Air Cooled Heat Exchanger


Air Cooled Heat Exchangers Design & Manufacturing Products:

  • Gas Pre-Coolers / Inter-Coolers / After-Coolers
  • Process Condensers
  • Refrigerant Condensers
  • Products Coolers
  • Lube Oil Coolers

Design Configurations:

  • Forced draft
  • Induced draft
  • Horizontal
  • Vertical
  • A-frame

Material of construction of tubes & its type shall base upon most economical, proficient & other process/mechanical requirements. CHEMTED’s air cooled heat exchangers epitomize versatility and excellence. With a diverse product range, adaptable design configurations and meticulous material selection, CHEMTED stands as a symbol of engineering mastery. As industries seek optimal solutions that balance performance, efficiency and economy, CHEMTED is poised to deliver air cooled heat exchangers that set new standards of efficiency and innovation.