CHEMTED has a highly experienced team for designing and manufacturing high and medium-pressure hairpin exchangers (Double Pipe & Multitubes) for different process applications.

Why a Hairpin Heat Exchanger?

  • Temperature crosses
  • High pressure to vacuum conditions
  • High-temperature to low-temperature conditions
  • High fouling applications
  • Cyclic services

Configuration / Codes / Material

CHEMTED offers fixed tube sheets & removable type hairpin bundles according to ASME, TEMA, CRN & PED/CE.

We manufacture hairpin heat exchangers in different materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Duplex, Inconel-625, Copper, Brass, etc. according to our customer requirements & according to different applications.

If you have any requirement for a hairpin exchanger we would need the minimum following process information for sizing & for our offer accordingly:

  • Streams fluid flow rates
  • Streams temperatures
  • Streams composition / physical properties
  • Streams¬†operating pressure