CHEMTED has the capability to custom design and manufactures 304 and 316-grade stainless steel & Hastelloy tanks. We are the preferred supplier for our existing customers who are very impressed by the quality of our products and shipment on time.

Our projects ranges from Single Wall, Jacketed Wall for heating & cooling, Processing and Reactor Stainless Tanks for existing & new sites in the USA and overseas.

Our Stainless Steel & Hastelloy Tanks have certified per ASME U/U2, PED/CE, US DOT & ISO standards as well per the customer’s provided specifications & special requirements.

We supplied & can supply tanks for numerous industrial applications; Food & Beverages, Flavor & Fragrance, Chemical & Powder and pharmaceutical industries.

Chemted Stainless Steel and Hastelloy

Chemted Stainless Steel and Hastelloy


Chemted LLC stands as a beacon of innovation, delivering a diverse range of high-quality products by the creation of storage tanks, mobile tanks, portable tanks, IBC totes/tanks, stainless steel process equipment, and reactors, Chemted LLC has earned a reputation for excellence and reliability.

Some of Stainless Steel products are as follows:

  • Storage Tanks
  • Mobile Tanks
  • Potable Tanks
  • IBC Tote/Tanks
  • Stainless Steel Process Equipment
  • Reactors

CHEMTED has the in-house capability to perform Pickling / Passivation on welds. We can also provide surface polished tanks up to #7 mirror finishes.


Chemted’s stainless steel and Hastelloy tanks stand as a testament to the convergence of engineering expertise and industrial innovation. Through their exceptional features, benefits, and applications, these tanks not only provide practical storage solutions but also contribute to the success and advancement of diverse industries. Whether safeguarding pharmaceutical products, preserving the purity of food and beverages, or ensuring the integrity of chemicals, Chemted’s stainless steel and Hastelloy tanks play an indispensable role in elevating industrial excellence and facilitating progress in the global marketplace.

If you seek the finest in tank storage solutions, Chemted LLC is your definitive destination. With an illustrious history and a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer-centricity, we are equipped to transform your Stainless Steel tank requirements into reality. Contact us today to explore our extensive range of options and customized tank solutions that redefine excellence. We look forward to collaborating with you and contributing to your operational success.

Chemted Stainless Steel and Hastelloy